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Backdrops And Curtains

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Matte Gold Party Curtain


This stunning party curtain creates immediately an impact. The colour is a metallic gold and it has a beautiful shimmer. You can use it as a backdrop, hang it in the door frame for a ‘secret’ entrance, use it as a table decoration, … Your guests will be surprised!

Length: 250cm (8ft)

Rose Gold Flower Backdrop


Create a fabulous backdrop with gorgeous flower curtain. Add any kind of props to create your very own look to amaze the guests. The pictures will be stunning!

Each pack contains one curtain measuring 2.1m (H) and 1m (W). The curtain comes ready assembled.


5.00 out of 5

Silver Crepe Streamer


These crepe streamers are perfect for a stunning backdrop or to hang them across a room. They are of high quality and extra long. To make them even more stand out, you can even mix up the colours.

Width: 5cm
Length: 10m

Each pack has 4 rolls (= a total length of 40m)


Sparkling Ivory Tulle Spool


Decorate tables, chairs or the venue with this fabulous sparkling tulle in ivory. It has lovely glitter which creates a lovely luxurious sparkle.

It is great for all kind of celebrations and themes like a wedding, 1st birthday, baby shower, birthday, …

The width of the tulle is 15cm (=6in) and the length is 9m (=30ft).


White Crepe Fringe Garland


This very wide (15cm) and very long (3m) white Fringe Garland is perfect to create a stunning impact. These garlands are great for a stylish and unique background. Why not mix up different colours for your display to stand out even more?

White Flower Wall


Create a stunning back drop with this stunning artificial flower wall. The flowers are resembling beautiful white hydrangeas. You can create any size by combing multiple panels with the help of clips/cable ties (included).

Size: 60 x 40cm (24x16in)


White Scallop Fringe Garland


This is a unique and elegant tissue garland that transforms your venue within seconds into a stylish location. You can use it as a backdrop, hang it across the room or garden (it is 3m long), decorate the cake/candy/buffet table, decorate the outside of a the venue, …


Showing all 7 results